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Charging policy

Policy on Charging

1. Introduction

1.1       All the education we provide during normal school hours is at no charge to pupils. We do not charge for any activity undertaken as part of the National Curriculum, with the exception of some individual or small-group music tuition.

2. Voluntary contributions

2.1       When organising school trips or visits to enrich the curriculum and the educational experience of the children, the school invites parents and carers to contribute to the cost. All contributions are voluntary. If we do not receive sufficient voluntary contributions, we may cancel a trip. If a trip goes ahead, it may include children whose parents or carers have not paid any contribution. We do not treat these children differently from any others.

2.2       If a parent wishes their child to take part in a school trip or event, but is unwilling or unable to make a voluntary contribution, we do allow the child to participate fully in the trip or activity. Sometimes the school pays additional costs in order to support the visit. Parents and carers have a right to know how each trip is funded, and the school provides this information on request.

2.3       The following is a list of additional activities, organised by the school, which require voluntary contributions from parents and carers. These activities are known as ‘optional extras’. This list is not exhaustive:

  • visits to museums;
  • cookery club (cost of materials)
  • sporting activities which require transport expenses;
  • outdoor adventure activities;
  • visits to or by a theatre company;
  • residential visits
  • Musical events.

3. Music tuition

3.1       All children study music as part of the normal school curriculum. We do not charge for this.

3.2       There is a charge for individual or small-group music tuition, since this is an additional curriculum activity, and not part of the National Curriculum. These individual or small-group lessons are taught by peripatetic music teachers. We make a charge for these lessons but children eligible for Pupil Premium funding may be exempt. We give parents and carers information about additional music tuition at the start of each academic year.

4. School minibus – Beverley Community Lift

4.1       We normally charge if children are transported in the minibus to an extra-curricular activity. However, we use these charges only to cover the expenses of the trip, and not to make a profit.

5. Photocopying

5.1       The school charges an appropriate sum for any use of the photocopier which is outside normal school usage. (5p per A4 black and white copy & 10p per colour copy)

 6. Sutton on Derwent School Club (SUDS) and Nursery Years (FS1)

6.1       Providing a high quality, safe and stimulating service for children in SUDS/FS1 is not cheap and so to ensure the continued high standards of care and financial sustainability of these extra curricular services we feel it is essential that parents/carers respect the following policy in respect to prompt payment of fees.

6.2       The level of fees will be set by the School and be reviewed annually. Fees should be paid promptly in line with the procedures for these services e.g. Monthly in arrears for SUDS Club, (within 14 days of invoice) and half termly in advance for FS1. There will be no departure from these schedules unless an individual payment process has been negotiated between the Head Teacher with the involvement of the School Business Manager (SBM), and the parent/carer.

6.3       If fees are not paid as per the schedule above the parent/carer will be notified in writing with a request to pay any outstanding amount that is due. If no payment is received or the parent/carer has not sought a meeting with the Head Teacher/SBM to discuss the matter within 2 weeks of the date of the initial letter, the School will issue a formal warning in writing to the parent/carer to inform them that continued late payment will result in the loss of their child’s place in SUDS or FS1 plus 10% increase in the invoice.

6.4       If fees are persistently paid late or not at all the School reserves the right to immediately withdraw the place for the child or children concerned. The School does not have the financial capacity to behave otherwise with these extra curricular activities that are not part of core funding.

6.5       Parents/Carers are encouraged to seek an early meeting with the Head Teacher/SBM if they have any query on charging policy or if they are having difficulty making the payments schedule as noted above.

6.6       The School will endeavour to give parents/carers at least 28 days notice of changes of fees. Any such changes will be publicised at the point of collection.

7. Monitoring and review

7.1       This policy is monitored by the governing body, and will be reviewed every two years or earlier if necessary.