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When your child begins school or if you are a member of staff or a school governor, you automatically become a member of the Parents, Teachers and Friends Association. We are very grateful to the PTFA, who often provide refreshments for school events, fundraise to provide extra facilities for school, and arrange several social events.  This means that we can provide little “extras” for the children, such as more trips, visitors to school and a range of exciting classroom resources.

Our recent events included Party in the Playground, Christmas Fair among many others.

These are the latest minutes from our meeting on 13th October 2016

PTFA Meeting – Thursday 13th October 2016

Present: Anna Hastie, Rachel Earnshaw, Vanessa Kendall, Jenny Kinread, Mrs Ekers, Mrs Sellers, Mrs Rae FJB


Mrs Stephenson, Joanne Blythe, Helen Roper.


PTFA Funds/ Spending Proposal:

Suggestions for use:

1). New laptops (possibly 10-15)

2). Mrs Ekers suggested retractable shelter for outside

AH to distribute letter to confirm to parents this is how funds will be used.


Christmas Family Fun Evening will be: Friday 25th November 2016

3.45pm until 6pm

1).Santa’s grottos

To be located in usual spot.

Photos to be on again this year (AH to check with Emma)

Charging £2.50 or £5 family ticket.

Decorating: Ask Mrs Roper to decorate the grotto again this year again.


2) Christmas Café

Soup, butternut squash/ carrot (FJB to ask Mrs Atkin).FJB to bring stock pot.

Check Tesco delivery for Thursday with Emma.

Check for: Hot dogs – for Tesco delivery

AH/FJB to go to Aldi for: Cake or biscuit.  Mince pies

Mulled wine.

All PTFA Members to bring slow cookers for Mulled wine.

Table decorations – FJB to ask Sam Turner


3). Tombola – located in Classroom 2 with cake stall

£1 per 5 tickets.

4th November 2016 to be set aside for dress down day, forfeits to be Red Gold and Green gifts for the hampers.


4).Raffle – Hallway

£1 per strip


 5) Children’s Craft Stall – Mrs Elliott

2 different stations, Mrs Ekers to confirm with Mrs Elliot she will support this again for this year.


 6). Mrs Atkins – outside

Wreaths etc.


7).Secret Santa presents for Parents

To be in Mrs Ekers office, 40 presents purchased and to be wrapped.

Maltesers and socks.


8).Lucky Dip

All presents have been ordered by AH and should be arriving today. Chocolate lollies to be sourced from Aldi


9). Cake Stall

Mrs Ekers will check with Mrs Brighton if she will kindly make mince pies, potentially these could be used for the café also?



10). Card Stand

Mrs Nicholson would like to bring Phoenix cards, some of the profits will go to school funds.


11). Glitter Tattoos

This will be instead of face painting.


  1. Reindeer Rides

Mrs Ekers to enquire if this is possible this again this year.

Music: Rachel will ask Derek if he is available with keyboard.

Setting up from 1pm.

Draw raffle about 5.45pm.


General: Book Donations:

Mrs Ekers will request book donations from parents, to donate books from home that may be no longer used.

This is some information about an annual fundraiser;

School PTFA 50:50 Club

Many charities have found these clubs to be a popular way of raising funds while providing cash prizes for lucky winners. By joining the 50:50 Club you can help the school as well as having a chance to win cash prizes every month!

Sutton Upon Derwent School PTFA 50:50 Club is a private lottery and is open to all parents, staff and friends of the School (this can be grandparents, governors or friends). Anyone age 16 or over can join.

Each month:

There is a draw for 50% of the fund. This amount is divided between 3 lucky winners.

The fund is made up as follows:

Each number cost £1 per month,

For example, if we have 100 members the fund for that month will be £100.

50% will be used as prize money and 50% will be retained by the school. The prize fund will be split into three prizes.

1st prize = 50% of the monthly prize fund (£25 if 100 members)

2nd prize = 30% of the monthly prize fund (£15 if 100 members)

3rd prize = 20% of the monthly prize fund (£10 if 100 members)

You may buy more than one number per month.

You must pay for 12 months in advance (£12).

You’ve got to be in it to win it! If you haven’t paid your subscription – your number won’t go in the draw.

The more people who buy a subscription – the higher the prize money!


Fill in the attached form with your details and you will be allocated a number. You can have more than one number EACH NUMBER WILL BE £12 per year.

For this academic year (2014/15), as the club is starting in October rather than September, there will be two additional ‘double’ draws one at Christmas and the other at Easter.

Sutton Upon Derwent School PTFA

50:50 Club Rules

  1. The object of the Club is to raise funds for the school.
  1. The Club will be run under the supervision of the PTFA who will also administer the Club.
  1. The club is open to all parents, friends and staff of Sutton Upon Derwent Primary School. Members must be over 16 years of age. Members must fill in an application form (attached).
  1. Entry to the 50:50 Club will be by annual subscription of £12 cash (£1 per month) per number, paid in advance in September. Members may have more than one number.
  1. New members can join at any. The subscription is determined by the number of draws left in that academic year.
  1. A monthly draw will take place during Celebration Assembly on the last Friday of each month. Any draws due during school holidays (except summer holidays) will take place on the last day of school before a holiday.
  1. There will be no draw during August but there will be a ‘double’ draw in December when the prize money will be doubled.
  1. The regular monthly prize money will be 50% of the monthly income – there will be three prizes:-

1st prize = 50% of the monthly prize fund (£25 if 100 members)

2nd prize = 30% of the monthly prize fund (£15 if 100 members)

3rd prize = 20% of the monthly prize fund (£10 if 100 members)

  1. Registers will be kept recording the name and address of each member, the number(s) allocated to them and the subscriptions received from them.
  1. The numbers of all paid up members will be entered in the draw for each month.
  1. Unless otherwise advised, a member will be deemed to have left the Club if his or her renewal of subscription remains unpaid for a period of one month.
  1. If a winner cannot be contacted, the winnings will be placed into PTFA Funds after 6 months.

Sutton Upon Derwent School PTFA 50:50 Club Application Form download here